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Innovative Monetization Solutions for a Profitable Video Play

Innovative Monetization Solution for a Profitable Video Play

Re-engineering Programmatic

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    Simple, Powerful.

    Our tool is super simple and friendly, designed to ease your life.

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    Full-Stack Solution

    Everything you need for a lean and mean video streaming and monetization.

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    Multi Platform

    Unified cross-device, server-player solution, streamlined and simplified.

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    Big-data and machine-learning powered ad-impression matching

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    Affordable. Profitable

    Our solution is designed for a profitable play

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    Better Fulfillment

    Designed for fulfillment and speed light response time.


Next Generation Video Technology

We intend to become the authority of
performance video advertising
in programmatic environment


For Advertisers

Expand your reach to lucrative inventory and have our VidderTM bid along your side and help you acquire more without marking up your CPM’s.


For Publishers

Monetize, boost, and automate your trade through our PowerTagTM and auto-optimization engine.
Within 5 minutes only you can get yourself set-up and started with a custom made PowerTagTM, ready to go.

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For Ad Networks, Trade-Desks, and Agencies

VideoJam’s multi-screen automated video ad-serving solution is designed to allow you to focus on your net profit bottom line.

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Trusted, Farsighted, Well-Backed;

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