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About Us

Trusted, Farsighted, Well-Backed is a video technology company with the mission and vision of unlocking programmatic video.

While video content streaming, mobile usage and programmatic trade are growing at unprecedented rates, current ad serving and user experience are greatly behind and things just don’t make much sense for end users and marketers.

We greatly believe that the future belongs to powerful, automated, predictive, big-data and AI driven programmatic trade we are building an engine to take us there and smart publisher and advertiser facing extensions on top of that engine. Advertisers and publishers alike are desperate for video ad serving solution that will do the right job, at the right price, in the right way, and that’s what we are working on.

We’ve built a powerful ad-server-player solution, integrated it with prominent DSP’s and SSP’s and we are gradually adding product layers, determined to make publishers and advertiser lives so much better. From our Video Lab and agency sand-box to our white-label/SaaS ad serving solution our hearts and minds are where smart video serving is!

We are backed by a few of the top investors and investment houses a venture can wish for. From Diwip’s co-founders, through Velo Partners and Entree Capital, we have solid and super farsighted and supportive backers, who have huge faith in building game-changing IP’s and winning teams.

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Why Us?

Front line Technology, Unmatched Service

Being a genesis of another technology company, we know first-hand what does staying ahead of the pack and providing unmatched technology and service means. For us that not just a saying but that’s our mission statement.

Trusted, Well-Backed, In for the Long-Term

We are here for a long-term play and we believe that business should be built on the best people, outstanding and sustainable technology and long-term partnerships. No short-cuts, not quick and easy wins.

Tool Designed for a Profitable Play

Yield optimization is nice. But we are all for the bottom line performance and net profit and eCPM’s is where our heart is

Simplest Set-up, Giving you Everything You Need, Not More Than That

We’ve tailored into one lean and mean full-stack, everything you need for a profitable play, giving you the flexibility of using our solution and A/B testing our machine against other machines out there letting the numbers and results do the talking

No minimums, No commitments, Pay-As-You-Go!

Trading and monetizing Video is hard enough even before you take into consideration the effective cost you are actually paying while applying the monthly and annual minimums many tools out there are charging. We love to play fair. And we trust our player and proposed value good enough to offer you ‘Pay-As-You-Go only!

Our Player Works Hard, Our Big-Data Engine Plays Harder

We’ve reimagined the way the Player and demand optimization works by replacing ad request blasts with predictive and algorithmic ad-impression matching, cutting down the latency to milliseconds and turning around tech-errors and response time results entirely

Backers, Friends, and Family

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