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For Ad Networks, Trade-Desks, and Agencies

VideoJam’s multi-screen automated video trade machine is optimizing towards profits. Not revenues.

Our predictive ad-server-player solution is designed to automatically optimize your trade towards eCPM and bottom line profitability while keeping amount of ad requests down to minimum: No monthly commitments, no monthly surges, no BS.

Pure, simple, easy to use, yield optimization engine, powered by a powerful predictive optimization engine will make your life and your supply and demand partner’s lives so much easier, helping you build a sustainable trade.

We crafted our tool to be performance friendly as well, making sure that the thousands of performance oriented clients of our parent entity get a solid way to spend their marketing budgets wisely, while getting full visibility into their video campaigns performance from impression to post install engagement and deposits, optimizing their spend towards CPI and post-install-engagement levels.


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The Challenge

Delivering and monetizing video content across devices in a cut-throat programmatic environment is probably one of the most complex and tech savvy challenges marketers have been faced with over the last decade.

From licensing a Video player, video content, and video ad server through having to go through deep integration with various demand partners and ad exchanges and endless optimization work, the full-stack required for monetizing online inventory has never been more complicated.

And if that’s not enough, the pricey and expensive tools, monthly commitments, and effective rates you’d find yourself paying a low fill-rate environment, leave you, as a publisher and inventory trader with too little margin and too high of a cost structure.