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Monetize, boost, and automate your trade through our PowerTagTM and auto-optimization engine.
Within a mere 5 minutes, you can get yourself set-up and ready to go with a custom made PowerTagTM.

The Pain

Streaming video and monetizing it effectively is a super complicated task. And most often, a non-profitable task, once all the delivery costs and endless amount of human resources put into it are fully considered;

We decided to change all of that by offering a lean, mean, and affordable tool, designed for a profitable play.

PowerTag™ Yield Booster
Various tags you have go in the waterfall and let our engine do the optimization work for you.

VideoJam’s MarketPlaceLet
Let our marketplace back-fill any unfulfilled demand with various tags from our deeply integrated and directly sourced demand channels and boost your fill-rate.

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