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Expand your reach to lucrative inventory and have our VidderTM bid along your side and help you acquire more without marking up your CPM’s.

VidderTM will allow you to target the same inventory you are after or expand to a similar inventory with similar levels of VTR, viability, and placement types, at an automated, algorithmic and AI format, better than ever before.

Our video bidder (Vidder™), integrated with dozens of direct publishers and premium SSP’s, offers expanded, enhanced, and data-boosted access to highly performing, strongly filtered and optimized traffic, allowing you to scale while cutting down on latency and delivery degrees

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Think about it: days of direct and simple rule based ad serving are over. With programmatic and big-data taking over and being accountable for 50% of the inventory traded world-wide, the only way to win more inventory from a certain domain and channel is to bid-around, same as you’d book a hotel or a flight on Expedia or PriceLine, and bypass the increasing demand on the Hotel or Airline’s main inventory selling point.

  • ico-profitGet lucrative and first look access to desired inventory by co-bidding along your side
  • ico-diagram-smSave you from having to raise the price and allowing you to get one more slice of the pie without marking up your CPM’s