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Our Technology

Next Generation Video Technology


It’s no secret programmatic video trade is exploding. And yet, the most of it is still broken suffering from a terribly low fill-rate, multiple and endless loops of VPaid Wrappers, resulting in double digit failure rates and endless tech errors. The industry deserves a much better, cleaner, and smarter trade and we intend to fix all of that.

Our deep technology was developed to revolutionize all of that and disrupt the programmatic bleeding by a super-fast, predictive, and automated trade. Powered by a team of IDF’s 8200 and digital technology veterans with decades of combined experience, our technology brings together the most advanced big-data, machine learning, and AI solutions allowing sophisticated marketers hit scale and boost profitability while gaining a competitive edge over competing marketers.

Our unified ad-server-player solution was designed for powerful and high scale users having to manage and master numerous campaigns across multiple devices while providing their advertisers and publishers with smooth, rewarding and quality viewing experience.
Our architecture and smart server side water-fall configurations are designed to save ad-requests ‘blasts’ and endlessly looping water-falls, through machine-learning predictive ad-impression matching.