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Terms and Conditions

The IO abides by the standard IAB terms together with the following adjustments, which shall prevail

These terms shall be mutually binding and apply whether you act as our publisher or advertiser.


The following terms shall serve as an inherent part of the IO and shall prevail in case of any conflict with the terms and conditions set out in the standard IAB terms.

This IO and the terms included here within shall replace and retroactively apply to all traffic traded between the parties signing this IO to date.


Charge-backs, claw-backs, and any kind of off-set shall be allowed and accepted only subject to all of the following conditions being met accumulatively –


o   Full contact details (name, telephone, email address of the point of contact, who can confirm the details)

o   The following data must be provided by the Advertiser –  all data received from the End Advertiser related to charge-back or non-payment including, but not limited to a) all data informing on no-payment b) evidence proving actual deduction or hold-back actually took place and c) any report concerning the traffic marked as invalid and proves that it is actually related to the specific traffic provided by Publisher in this IO